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DSC Alexor Wireless vs Wired Systems

The battle for home security supremacy still rages in the 'wired vs wireless' home alarm arena. Warriors who prefer the traditional style of home security say that wired systems are needed for certain communications between the troops - your door contacts or motion detector, the sergeant (your Alexor control panel), and the general (your home security monitoring company). Those who are happy to progress in their methods of defence say that wireless is safer, faster, cheaper and easier to install ... obviously the way of the future.

Who wins in this battle? How does the Alexor stack up against traditional arguments for or against wireless home alarm systems?

Wireless Home Alarm Systems and ... Reliability

Traditionally, wireless home alarm systems were easy to interfere with. Signals dropped out. Other household electronics garbled the messages. Burglars with a technical bent could easily defeat them. The DSC ALEXOR is of a new breed of wireless home security system. The technology has improved in many ways:

  • Interference is far harder to achieve
  • The signal can be sent over larger distances
  • Deliberate tampering with the signal cannot occur
  • Backup communications are fitted - GSM/GPRS signal will alert your home security monitoring company if the ordinary IP method of sending isn't achieved.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems and ... Installation

There is a distinct advantage to wireless systems, in their speed of installation.

Did you know homes that have recently been burgled have a far higher chance of a repeat burglary? The intruders use their knowledge of the property and your belongings to come back for things they couldn't get the first time ... or for the new items your insurance has recently replaced. This makes speedy installation of a home alarm security system absolutely vital to the safety of your home, and also your family.

They'll be back. But ALEXOR will be there for you this time.

Monitoring of ANY system

You don't have to purchase a new burglar alarm system through us to take advantage of our diligent, no-contract monitoring.

As long as your system uses one of our standard monitored communication methods, we can help you.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems and ... Tampering

Don't make the mistake of assuming that because computers using wireless technology can be insecure, that a wireless home alarm system is also less secure than a wired one.

Computers are highly complex machines. With complexity comes tools that take advantage of loopholes in that complexity. Wireless home alarm systems like the Alexor exist for one purpose - to securely take care of your home and family. Every aspect is designed for resistance to attack. Wireless systems are incredibly difficult to crack ... and the type of burglar that can do so is more likely to be breaking into banks than homes.

If you have any further concerns about wireless home alarm systems, we're happy to discuss them with you. Get in touch with your local Alexor dealer today