I need to feel safe.
I need my home and family protected.
iAlarm is MY solution

Why Do People Love Alexor?

Alexor has a solid base. It is equipped with the most advanced home security weaponry. It cannot be stopped.

Security industry professionals across the world are recognising this incredible power. So are consumers. Here is what people have to say about the Alexor system, in their own words ... and what you have to look forward to, with the ALEXOR vanguard surrounding your precious home and family.

"The brain of the system can be placed out of sight, like in a closet ... it makes the system feel much more reliable rather than having it right next to the front door"

"The Alexor seems to be a huge step forward for fully wireless systems. Now, the control can be placed in a secure location, and the user can have up to four full-functioned keypads that can be placed wherever convenient. Indoor and outdoor wireless sirens complete the picture."  ...

"The range is amazing. I wasn't able to test for different types of construction (steel, concrete,  etc.), but I live in a 90 year old house with very solid materials and construction. I placed the panel in the basement and tried the keypad all over the house, up to and including the 3rd floor finished attic. The keypad never had a problem communicating with the panel. I then took the keypad for a walk (some strange looks from neighbors, but it's not the first time). I walked at least two hundred feet down the sidewalk with no reception problems whatsoever" ~Ken from Pittsburgh

Looks like a decent system to me and can't wait to get my hands on one. ~Snipes from Canada

Most reviewers and testers are impressed by the system's full wirelessness:

"The main panel or brains of the system is installed in the basement near the electrical and phone lines so it can be easily connected to both and it’s out of the way.  The keypad is completely wireless and runs on batteries so you literally just attach it to the wall where it’s needed.  You can just as easily add another keypad at the back door and/or master bedroom.  Likewise the sensors are all wireless" ~ R. Mowles.