I need to feel safe.
I need my home and family protected.
iAlarm is MY solution

iAlarm. We're Different.

There are plenty of home alarm system monitoring companies in Sydney. But iAlarm is not like the rest!

We offer 24 hour, 365-day monitoring with the option of instant responses. We offer video surveillance.

No contract monitoringe

When you book in your security system to be monitored by iAlarm, you get the gift of freedom. There are no contracts to sign with us.

We don't hold your business with the iron fist of a long-term contract and exorbitant termination fees. We hold your business with fantastic, total, service.

Ongoing training

Alarm systems are yet another piece of technology you have to get your head around. If you have any questions about your system, want to change the programming or need help to uses its advanced functionality, we're there for you.

We'll come out within 24-48 hours to help you sort out your system, and get your protection set.

Monitoring of ANY system

You don't have to purchase a new burglar alarm system through us to take advantage of our diligent, no-contract monitoring.

As long as your system uses one of our standard monitored communication methods, we can help you.

Faster police responses

Our thoroughness in home alarm system setup and our methods for avoiding false alarms mean that iAlarm and Pacific Security Technology often get industry-fastest police responses, which are needed to detain intruders into your home.

At iAlarm, we're small enough to care about each and every one of our customers ... but big enough to perform when it counts for you.